"Flowers add color into our life and design the way we see the nature"

- Keren Szabo

My first introduction to flowers was at a very young age.

I grew up in a house filled with botany, flowers everywhere, and a garden full of goods.

When I was twelve, I made my first contact with flowers, I was selling flowers in the local community for my pocket money, and every bouquet I sold was filled with love and care.

about four years ago, I decided to fulfill my dream and open my own flower store.

Beyond the joy and creativity that fills me every time I make a flower arrangement, I am obsessed with real flower fashion (accessories made of real flowers), that is – in my opinion, the most creative and joyful thing, that makes me feel complete.

My top priority while making any arrangement is that the creation suits my clients individually. every person has his own taste and preferences and my goal is to achieve the desired look.

Contact Phone: 0424-416450

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